Network Solutions and Services

Our Team at Tristar Technologies is having more than 12 Years of hands-on experience in providing End-to-End Network Services and Solutions. Our Solutions are always unique which combines multi-vendor platforms. For example, in Network Security we analyze and suggest a vendor who provides all the aspects of hack proof enterprise security products and best endpoint security that suits our customer’s needs. In Data Network and Wireless solution, we select the vendor based on customer requirement while keeping the Quality and Scalability in mind.

We provide Network Services and Solutions for Enterprise customer, Small and Medium based customers, Data Centers and others. For each type of infrastructure, we provide unique Network Services and Solutions.

WiFi Hotspot System

We offer Centralized wireless hotspot system with integrated social media login, SMS  function and many more
This is useful for public places like RESTAURANTS,  AIRPORTS, PARKS etc.

Wireless Radio Link

We offer Long and short distance radio link connectivity Service and solution with high data rate and low latency
This is useful for corporate industries like WISP, Enterprise Companies, etc.

Optical Fiber Management Solutions

We offer Optical Fiber Services and Solutions.
This is useful for corporate industries like ISPs, Enterprise Companies, etc.

Network Redundancy Solutions


We offer Static and Dynamic Routing and Switching Services and solutions
Load-balancing with Fail-over, Network Fail-over and many more
This is useful for corporate industries like WISP, Enterprise Companies, etc.

Network Monitoring Solutions

We offer Network monitoring System services and Solutions
This is useful for all type of Networks.

Security and Firewall Solutions


We offer Strong, Secure Firewall Solution for any kind of Network
that is protect your data and Clients from different attacks.

VPN Solutions

We offer All kind of VPN solutions for Enterprises and Medium Business
This is useful to project site to site important data and Local connectivity over Internet.

Centralized Radius Solutions


We offer Customized Radius management System and Solutions
This is useful for ISP and enterprises Business